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Audience Share & Community Initiatives

The latest mass media audience surveys conducted by the Malta Broadcasting Authority show that Calypso Radio 101.8 enjoys Malta’s second largest audience share. 

We recognise that while this achievement is the result of our focused marketing efforts, it also presents us with an increased responsibility towards the Maltese community.   

In this regard, Y Ltd, the company managing Calypso Radio 101.8 has decided to actively contribute in a number of areas which were deemed to be of importance to our community.

Calypso Radio Theatre Initiative

We understand that theatre is a creative, fun and culturally significant.  However, we also understand that producers face an ongoing challenge which includes a fine balance between time management and financial constraints.  While we cannot really assist in the former, we can offer support in the latter.  

The aim of this initiative is three-fold; 

1. Increase awareness about cultural events 

2. Assist producers in reaching more people 

3. Contribute towards increasing theatre audiences 

The Initiative

Without ignoring it’s own needs, Calypso Radio can however offer the following to those eligible (please see eligibility criteria below).

A set of 100 adverts, of maximum duration of 30 seconds, to be transmitted on Calypso Radio 101.8 within a month prior to performance.

A set of 100 adverts, of maximum duration of 40 seconds, to be transmitted on Xejk Television within a month prior to performance.

Total package cost: €300 excluding VAT (€354 including VAT).

Normal cost of such a package would be in the region of €3,000 ex VAT (varies according to duration of advert).


The producer will also be asked to present two performance tickets to the management for their use and 10 other tickets to be used as gifts for Calypso Radio listeners and therefore further promote the performance itself.

The Calypso Radio Logo will need to be given exposure on printed media or on site. 

Eligibility Criteria

This initiative is valid for local producers and production companies who: 

1. Are performing theatrical works in either Maltese or English languages.

2. Are not assisted by the Malta Tourism Authority or other Government programmes.

3. Will perform in any space, including theatres or other spaces deemed suitable by the producers themselves.

4. Not affiliated with political parties. 

Conditions of acceptance

While the management’s aims are listed above, it is also our responsibility to promote initiatives which do not harm our reputation in any way. Therefore, the management reserves the right to refuse promoting productions which are considered to damage our reputation.  Examples includes the use of vulgar words within the title or name of any show, and others suggesting the promotion of violence or self-harm. 

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